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How Bill Gates could persuade Morocco to put the country in lockdown?

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How Bill Gates and the Banksters Unite to Take Over Morocco?

And now, they ruin it

The Moroccan budget relies heavily on investors to subsidize its large deficit.

Two of its best partners are little-known banks.

Bill Gates has his hands deep in both.

And this sting now hurts in Morocco.

Now, they ruin it.

It costs him 3 billion dollars per month.

The two main investment banks in Morocco:

The African Development Bank (ADB / AfDB) – The African Development Bank (BAD / BAD)

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) based in Saidi Arabia – The Islamic Development Bank (BID) based in Saudi Arabia.

You know who is a collaborator “fervent” de la BID?

I mean so close they have to share offices?

Click here to see for yourself

Yes, Bill Gates, of course.

Cf: Exclusive: How Bill Gates and the banksters united to take over Morocco. And now, they ruin it



In 2013, Chinese authorities have called international pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline GSK “godfather of crime”, accusing him of managing a slush fund of 320 million pounds to bribe doctors and hospital officials with cash payments and visits from prostitutes.

The American publicGuardian do not care.

And these events have accumulated, until the appointment of Moncef Slaoui; as:

‘Vaccine Czar’ de Trump.

If corruption was a business, that would be GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) with the “Trump's new vaccine czar”, Moncef Slaoui, at the head of the Research and Vaccines departments.

It all culminated in 2010 at 2015, with some of the most sordid scandals. And that people ignored.

Many will pay attention to it now.

Especially since their activities escalated to very painful levels.

Anthony Faucci, Trump's vaccine czar, Moncef Slaoui and WHO collaborated in the H1N1 scam of 2009.

The plandemia of 2020 is a repeat.

Their vaccine has destroyed thousands of children.

GSK Chief Vaccine Officer, Slaoui oversaw the development of the disastrous vaccine:

'The Pandemrix Against Swine Flu'.

A vaccine that was rushed to the market without proper testing in the midst of an outbreak of 2009; during which public health officials shouted about a huge death toll.

It never happened.

Some claiming that the death toll would rival the flu pandemic 1918 (sounds familiar to you?). 

RT recently reported, in a fairly superficial review, the H1N1 scandal of 2009.

Of course! Bill Gates is everywhere.

Since hewas already funding Slaoui's malaria vaccine.

What has been the vaccine of choice for most governments?

Pandemrix, developed by Moncef Slaoui andGlaxoSmithKline.

Or, the H1N1 pandemic has never happened.

There has been no pandemic affecting 2 billion people.

The H1N1 scam has been approved in the United States by the CDC and the NIAID led by Dr.Anthony Fauci.

The director of NIAID, Anthony Fauci, approved Moncef Slaoui's Pandemrix vaccine.

It turned out to be a multibillion dollar scam that ruined human lives.

The Pandemrix vaccine manufactured byGlaxoSmithKline (GSK) abeen administered to 6 million people in Britain and millions more across Europe during the swine flu pandemic of 2009 at 2010.

However, he was withdrawn.

Case of narcolepsy

Doctors have noticed an increase in cases of narcolepsy among those who received this vaccine.

Narcolepsy is a lifelong illness that can cause people to fall asleepdozens of times a day, even when they're in the middle of a conversation.

Some suffer from night terrors and a problem with muscle control called cataplexy that can cause them to collapse in place.(Guardian, 25 September 2015).

UK, the hasty approval process resulted in a dangerous and ineffective injection that caused permanent brain damage to over a thousand recipients, dont 80% were children.

Many people in Canada have fallen ill after receiving the vaccineArepanrixTD against H1N1.

And this vaccine killed …


Gates, Fauci and Slaoui have been making and selling horrible vaccines together for a long time

As I found out, Moncef Slaoui holds at least 14 vaccine invention patents.

Since 2017, Slaoui also sits on the board of Moderna.

A biotechnology company that is based in Cambridge.

She is also looking for a 'COVID-19' vaccine.

Moderna and Bill Gates

The problem with Moderna isthat it is funded by Bill Gates to develop RNA vaccine technologies.

(RNA is chemically very close to DNA.

And it is usually synthesized in cells from a DNA matrix of which it is a copy. According to Wiki)

The other problem:

Trump granted Moderna nearly 0,5 billion dollars in public money a few days before naming Slaoui.

CNN reported on 18 May (Statement by Moderna):

“Valera's efforts(branches of Modern) have resulted in the demonstration of the preclinical efficacy of Moderna's mRNA vaccines in several models of viral diseases”.

“In partnership with the Gates Foundation, Valera will apply its mRNA vaccine platform as well as the Moderna Messenger RNA Therapeutics ™ drug platform.

Designed to produce human proteins, completely new antibodies and protein constructs inside patients' cells, the therapeutic agents are secreted or active intracellularly.”

Genetic Engineering News & Biotechnology


What, you think it's bad? 

And, if I told you that this is the last of a very long series of collaborations between these two?

[Cf: Gates, Fauci and Slaoui have long been making and selling scandalous vaccines together. It's a cartel]

Money – Power – Poison

The most relevant is this transhumanist project on which Slaoui has worked with Google since 2016.

Transhumanist project?

The recent partnership between GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Alphabet (Google).

‘An entirely new industry’

An alliance, which further opens the way to development, in the experimental segment of bioelectronics’ and the biotechnology industry.

The President of Vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline, Dr Moncef Slaoui believes this partnership could create an entirely new industry.

“I think it's a whole new industry, as big, than the pharmaceutical industry []

There is a whole new world that we open here that deals with electrical signals, to connect to our biology.

And change the way it works.”

Slaoui told CNBC's Meg Tirrell

GSK has been interested in this area for years and has ad in 2013 a million dollar prize for innovative research in bio-electronics.

Bioelectronics and human nerves?

In a press release, Moncef Slaoui from GSK said:

“Many processes in the human body are controlled by electrical signals pulling between the nervous system and the organs of the body., which can become deformed in many chronic diseases.”

He said bioelectronics was looking to “correct diagrams [electric] irregularities found in pathological conditions, using miniaturized devices attached to individual nerves.” – The Verge

While keeping in mind technological terror, transhumanist and eugenic obsessions, which are provided, by policy makers, in coronavirus.

What should we think about it?

This whole thing falls into the arms of anyone who associates the coronavirus pandemic with the human microchip.

It gets stranger

Slaoui's involvement in the development of the Covid-19 vaccine?

Slaoui a rejected reports at the end of March on his involvement in a US government working group for the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

And he denied the 11 May any intention to work with the Trump administration.

Morocco World News a reported on 31 mars:

“The doctor said he had no working agreement with the US government in a statement to the French-speaking Moroccan newspaper, The Economist.

Several local media reported that the former chairman of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was part of a working group researching a vaccine to fight the spread of virus.

(–» “A timeline of COVID-19″ – American measures à la Marocaine?).

The international expert is currently a member of the board of directors of the American biotechnology company Moderna.

Slaoui explained that he was on the company's research and development committee.

The committee has received support from federal organizations to help fund the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Senior White House Advisor Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law, was among the officials who interviewed Slaoui for the role.

Jared Kushner chose Moncef Slaoui

Jared Kushner personally picked the new one “vaccine czar” American Moncef Slaoui exactly one year after the meeting.

(But to know more about the large recruitments of J. Kushner, read: Big Data, Soft Power and "the shadow president")

Conflict of interest

To avoid a conflict of interest, Slaoui resigned from the board of directors of the biotechnology companyModern, based in Massachusetts, who was developing a vaccine against the coronavirus.

Or, he did not abandon his stakes in Moderna.

Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren challenges Slaoui on the subject via Twitter:

"It is a huge conflict of interest for the new White House vaccine czar to own 10 million dollars in shares in a company receiving government funding to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Dr Slaoui should withdraw immediately. ”

Slaoui sits, also, on the boards of directors of SutroVax, de la Biotechnology Innovation Organization, of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and the PhRMA Foundation.


In addition, Many Reputable Sources Reveal 5G Radiation Can Cause Symptoms Very Similar To Covid-19.

Like many other things.

But what is the real connection between 5G and Covid-19?


They often seem to go together because it is about DATA’ [of data].

ApiJect is a founding member of the Rapid Consortium.

Ayoutube video produced by the organization declares:

“These facilities will manufacture enough pre-filled syringes to inject every man, woman and child from America the right dose 30 days after a vaccine is made available. Moreover, each pre-filled syringe can have an RFID chip attached.

This will allow health workers to use their mobile phones to automatically capture where and when each injection takes place, helping public health officials make more informed decisions.”

On hissite Web, ApiJect explains:

“A digital snapshot for each injection”

This was immediately followed by the President Trump announcing that he would mobilize the army to distribute vaccines, when they will be available.


Looking for a good book? 

“Fauci: The Bernie Madoff of Science and the HIV Ponzi Scheme that Concealed the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic” – [Fauci: the Bernie Madoff of science and the HIV ponzi scheme that hid the chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic]

Ah ..

“Follow the science”, this is what they shout at us.

So, here is the latest news related to 5G science.

On the US NIH website and PubMed.


Even if they admit this in the report:

LThe research evidence is, enough, strong for the World Health Organization to classify EMFs, as an environmental factor, potentially, carcinogenic to humans.”

They continue with:

For the time being, there is a dearth of adequate scientific data to assess the effects, exposure to electromagnetic millimeter waves on health … (Suite)

I now come to the next question:

Why do doctors or even politicians offer “drugs” to treat a pandemic that does not exist?

Especially, that the evils come, mainly, vaccines?

for example, we were also entitled, to the promotion of chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

And, we learned that hydroxychloroquine experiments designed to kill COVID patients. That it has negative side effects with chloroquine, not the least.

In addition, they produce irreversible effects on Testosterone.

Or, not all of these symptoms help strengthen the immune system?

And, to top it all, other experiments are carried out elsewhere.

Indeed, in Malawi and Zimbabwe, azithromycin reduces exacerbations of HIV-related chronic lung disease in children and adolescents.


Looking for a good book?

Fauci: the Bernie Madoff of science and the HIV ponzi scheme that hid the chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic

[“Fauci: The Bernie Madoff of Science and the HIV Ponzi Scheme that Concealed the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic”]

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